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Test Management Office (TMO)

Quality Assurance organizations have evolved and changed dramatically as business demands have forced IT organizations to establish new policies and procedures to address Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Quality assurance has gone through significant changes over the last decade and Omni anticipates this trend to continue for the future. Factors contributing to these changes are:
  • Technology—SOA, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  • Development Methodology—Rapid, Agile, Hybrid
  • Application Mobilization
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Business Requirements
  • Globalization and Economic Conditions
Stakeholder and economic pressures have increased demands on testing to meet key business drivers, including time to market, quality, cost and governance. Quality challenges have increased with the complexity of SOA applications, distributed platform infrastructures and pressures to reduce operational costs while maintaining system performance levels.

Omni Sourcing’s Quality Assurance Management solution provides tailored business solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, decrease costs and increase speed to market.


  • Stakeholder Adherence
  • Revise, Enhance, etc.
  • Design Model Confirmation
  • Design Dependency Mapping
  • Requirements & Design Confirmation
  • Stories-, Package-, Build Content Confirmation
Test Execution
  • Requirements Coverage Confirmation
  • Defect Root Cause Vetting
  • Certified Code Inventory
  • Methods and Procedures Confirmation
Quality Baselining
  • Operational baselining – people, process, technology
  • Cost of quality and defects
  • Key performance indicatorsand performance metrics framework
Operations Predictability
  • Leadership, organization and process refinement
  • Governance and methodology management
  • Establish center of excellence (QA model)
  • Test planning, execution, support and guidance
  • Staff augmentation/on-demand staffing
  • Resource utilization and capacity planning
Performance Tuning
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Sourcing quality model
  • Test tool utilization/automation
  • Service level management
  • Business management reporting
  • Internal organizational alignment


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