About Us

Effectively solving clients’ business issues through technology innovation

Omni Sourcing, Inc. (Omni) is an information technology services company with a vision to be a respected integration firm by delivering quality services and business solution strategies with our domestic rural outsourcing model. We are confident that U.S. businesses will leverage rural outsourcing to meet their technology objectives.

Omni is focused on providing systems integration and outsourcing services leveraging rural resources in Mississippi to provide business value. We are committed to delivering innovation and collaboration to improve client performance. Our training and delivery model provides the key to superior quality and services at cost-effective pricing for public, private, local and global technology clients.

Our services address application development, testing services, consulting services and production support. Omni Sourcing provides a viable alternative to offshoring and nearshoring companies by leveraging lower cost IT resources that provide high performance and quality. Clients will achieve project cost savings of 25% to 40% compared to traditional U.S.-based solutions and our sourcing model is competitive with offshore alternatives when you review all determining factors.

Who We Are

As business demands and technology continue to evolve, information technology organizations are facing service delivery challenges. Many factors have contributed to application and quality management changes over the last decade, including Technology (Cloud Computing, Mobilization), Agile Development and Globalization. Stakeholder and economic pressures have increased demands on development and system maintenance cycles to meet key business drivers, including time to market, quality, cost and governance. Omni Sourcing offers your business an advantage by providing:
  • Professional resources averaging over 10 years of experience to provide deep subject matter expertise and excellence in project execution.
  • Proven track record in providing ALM and sourcing solutions that result in quick and measurable process efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Innovative and collaborative approaches to deliver quality across the IT Enterprise in a very competitive delivery cost structure.


Work With Us

As a provider of outsourcing services, Omni Sourcing is focused on providing superior service leveraging trained and experienced U.S.-based resources. The rural sourcing model is proven on a global perspective through utilization of lower cost IT resources to achieve sustainable operational excellence while significantly reducing operational costs.

Omni Sourcing has four major principles:
  • Leverage our rural U.S.-based infrastructure for lower cost resources.
  • Deliver solutions through an innovative and robust operations infrastructure.
  • Focus our solutions on application development, testing services, systems integration and production support.
  • Position our capabilities to build our service offerings around the commoditization of technology services.

As a growing diversity-certified company, Omni Sourcing is targeting empowering businesses to align their processes and project costs to create enterprise value. We are also providing education and training for workforce development. Our professionals leverage industry experience and technology knowledge to provide business and technology solutions, operational efficiency and quality management.