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Omni Sourcing

Transforming IT Operations. Delivering Quality Results.
Omni Sourcing’s resources support the development of new applications and enhancement to existing business applications across diverse environments. Omni Sourcing development processes align with a clients established methodology, including Waterfall, Agile or other Hybrid methods. We have successfully worked on various integration and development projects for clients throughout the United States. Omni Sourcing has the depth and breadth of technology, processes, and implementation expertise to be able to bring a product to market from initial inception to post-production support.

Omni Sourcing’s structured development approach includes a rigorous requirements process to establish a core baseline for new and enhanced application development. The Omni Sourcing team will guide clients through various technologies, designs and platforms to support a client’s desired product or solution.

Whether your company is thinking of bringing a new product to market or enhancing an existing application, Omni Sourcing has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.