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    Omni Sourcing, Inc. (Omni) is an information technology services company with a vision to be a respected integration firm by delivering quality services and business solution strategies with our domestic rural outsourcing model. We are confident that...
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    Omni Sourcing products and services are focused on effectively solving clients’ business issues through technology innovation and solutions. Our services address application development, testing services, consulting services and production support. ...

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    As a provider of outsourcing services, Omni Sourcing is focused on providing superior service leveraging trained and experienced U.S.-based resources. The rural sourcing model is proven on a global perspective through utilization of lower cost IT res...


The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving. Omni Sourcing has helped to ensure Telecommunication companies deliver quality legacy, current, and Next Generation platforms and products to market. Omni Sourcing has over 30 years of combined telecommunication experience across Order Management, Billing, Customer Care and Production Support. As the telecommunication industry evolves, Omni Sourcing ensures Telecommunication companies have a clear path to delivering a quality product, service or device to its customers.
Public Services
The public service industry has ever-changing initiatives, rules, and regulations due to city, state, and national laws. Omni Sourcing has helped Public Service entities navigate and support the ever-changing regulation that their IT systems need to support to ensure compliance of the operation. Omni Sourcing’s 15 years of experience in the Public Service industry covers the spectrum of implementing data warehouse solutions for statewide student management to ensuring the rollout of a government-backed loan system. Whatever IT challenge a Public Service entity may encounter OmniSourcing can help navigate, facilitate, and validate all aspects of their IT Operation.
The manufacturing industry grew up in the industrial age and learned to be efficient in the information age. Through the next phase of the “Internet of Things” the manufacturing industry will be revolutionized with technology enablement. Omni Sourcing has been on the forefront of ensuring quality of the manufacturing industry from ISO to Lean Manufacturing with Six Sigma. In the next phase of the manufacturing evolution, Omni Sourcing will be able to leverage its Manufacturing and Technology experience to provide unparalleled value to its clients and help them embrace new technology while continuing to ensure and manage quality across the products being manufactured.
Utilities are a very cyclical industry that is impacted by regulation, the political climate, and consumer demand. However, what is constant is the consumer expectation of a quality service with minimum disruption and an overall seamless user experience. Omni Sourcing has experience in helping utility companies ensureenhanced customer experience via the use of technology.Omni Sourcing’s IT Governance Methodology supports and manages all aspects of IT Operations – whether it is employee-driven from an order management perspective or customer-driven from a customer care perspective.
Financial Services
Omni Sourcing has been supporting the IT Enablement of the Financial Services industry through the IT evolution from bank tellers systems to customer driven mobile apps. Omni Sourcing’s experience includes ensuring upgradesto core banking systems and implementation of an entirely new loan origination system. Omni Sourcing’s overall experience in technology and telecommunication provides its clients with the ability to see beyond their company owned-systems to external non-own systems that are vital in today’s world of mobile and internet banking.