Omni Sourcing’s Performance Testing Practice provides an impactful approach to reducing business risk and in addressing questions regarding customer service, network capacity, redundancy, scalability and stability. Our Testing Process Framework focuses on quality assurance management spanning the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our methods and processes address the following core development components:
  • Installation and Configuration of IT Architecture
  • Business Application Functionality
  • Interoperability and Mobilization
  • Physical and Logical Security
  • Enterprise Integration and Performance
Our performance testing is focused on determining that the business application, front-end user interface, technology stack and network topology support the planned service levels required by the business. We help our clients strategize and execute tests to your specifications. Our testing is structured to meet the changing technology landscape to address increased levels of integration and interoperability testing. Test scenarios are used to generate loads to evaluate capacity issues at all levels (i.e., unit, service, interface, end-to-end). Cloud computing and web services are driving the increased need for deployment of load performance testing. Our teams will work with you on determining the scope, complexity and size of the load, as well as the load architecture that will be used for test execution. We will work to develop accurate usage scenarios and customize the performance testing to meet your specific needs.