Boost your software testing effort for an immediate project or economically expand your long-term capability with our software testing services. We have helped companies achieve their functional testing objectives and reduce costs.

Our software testing teams are knowledgeable in the fundamentals of functional software testing and the latest testing techniques and technologies. Omni Sourcing maintains experienced resources that have extensive knowledge in structured functional testing across the enterprise, network and business applications. Our resources are available on a local, near-shore and off-shore basis at competitive rates.

We utilize adaptive testing processes to meet your complex software testing objectives and to contain testing costs. Our functional testing processes are consistent and standardized practices, fostering effective application and system performance.Our Innovation Center in Jackson, MS provides an enterprise quality management and functional test program that provides strategic, tactical and operational governance through standardization of processes, technology and resources.

Omni Sourcing utilizes the Quality Assurance Maturity Model to assist the long-term success of functional testing in the SDLC process. It provides for organizational focus in established test processes to ensure both the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s test processes and consistency of process execution for projects.The Model provides an organization the ability to focus on specific activities to reduce software risk and establish quantifiable, repeatable and measureable processes.