Omni Sourcing combines software test automation with our low cost rural testing resources to provide our clients with speed-to-market and cost savings benefits on a short and long-term perspective. Our teams are seamlessly integrated with your testing organization to provide immediate benefit in the software delivery cycle.
v We have experience and knowledge of all major platforms and have used a wide range of automated testing tools in developing your quality solution.

We incorporate a structured testing framework using either your preferred software testing automation tool or our licensed SmarteTest automation tool to reduce the time and costs for software test automation. We have the experience to guide you through the automation process. Our tools and techniques will help you design and deliver an automated software testing solution that will provide cost savings and reduced time to market for your software. The full potential of automated testing cannot be achieved without a carefully planned, scalable and maintainable process.

Whether you are building an enterprise software application with complex business logic and numerous platforms to support, or a business mobile application with time-to-market pressure, we can deliver the right solution for your needs.