Delivering a successful offshore engagement can be a challenging task, and there are many examples of disappointment where a ‘classic offshore’ approach has been attempted and failed.Omni Sourcing understands that delivery on global development projects createsincreased complexity when dealing with communications, multiple vendors, time zones and language issues.However, when IT multi-shoring is executed properly, it can be a compelling and powerful model for systems development, testing, and ongoing support.

Over the last decade, the global delivery model has shifted from a classic offshore model to a more balanced hybrid model allowing for better flexibility and control.Omni Sourcing tailors each client’s business with a focus on providing effective IT consulting in delivering a project team that is tailored for that specific engagement:
  • Onsite: Our U.S. resourcesbring strong business expertise and solution leadership working with the client project team. Our IT consultants provide a local point of contact for proactive management and fast response time to project issues.
  • Onshore: We provide senior project and technical leadership, domain and business expertise.
  • Nearshore: We provide solution resources at our innovation centers in Jackson, MS and Dallas, TX.
  • Offshore: Our solution resources increase the value in delivering quality in a controlled environment.
Omni Sourcing uses an Agile methodology that addresses onshore/offshore delivery that creates project visibility, predictability and quality for our clients.Ouroff-shore capabilities deliver superior value to our clients.Combined with our U.S. delivery centers, we offer high quality delivery at reduced costs.We believe that when you establish a properly structured onshore/offshore team, you maximize value and improve scalability while minimizing risks typically associated with offshore development.