IT Governance represents the overarching principles and processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of technology to achieve an organization’s business goals.IT Governance addresses two specific areas:
  • Procedures to ensure the effective evaluation, selection, prioritization and funding of IT investments to maximize business benefit.
  • Processes to ensure that the IT organization manages and operates in an efficient and compliant manner.
IT Governance determines that the business and IT are working towards common goals with structures in place to mitigate any deviations from the established plan.This may sound elementary but it is not as easy as it sounds.Constant diligence must be performed to manage and ensure the results of the IT organization meet the strategic business requirements.

As part of each technology project, Omni Sourcing performs a high-levelreviewof the established IT Governance Framework to determine proper alignment between business and technology.In addition, we perform IT Governance Reviews and make recommendations for areas for improvement in communications and standard operating procedures.

Omni Sourcing’s focus is to determine that IT Governance provides for a business:
  • Clear understanding of the business strategy and alignment with the technology strategy.
  • Proper linkages between business objectives and IT project objectives.
  • Consistent and focused preparation of a business case for each IT initiative to validate the project value proposition.
  • Agreement as a team on what initiatives and projects move forward and in which order.
  • Support the approval process for resources to ensure the accomplishment of the initiatives.
IT Governance permeates through the entire IT Enterprise Framework and influences the behaviors of the organization.Omni Sourcing understands the importance of IT Governance and addresses it on every project.