Data collection and analysis is an integral part of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps processes.The collected data feeds established feedback mechanisms for business portfolio management decisions, project management, development/operations monitoring, and defect resolution. The required information is both of a strategic and tactical nature and the PMO is responsible for determining that the data elements are collected and reported to the proper stakeholders.This process is not a small task and requires a joint and coordinated effort of business and IT organizations.

Omni Sourcing has resources that support our clients in identification of the data requirements to be captured across the Enterprisein support of business and IT for the analysis of performance and established service levels. We have worked with the main software tools (proprietary or open source) used to manage data for an Enterprise in this decision-making process.This knowledge allows us to provide an integrated solution that meets our clients’ objectives.

An example of data analysis within the development process is in defect tracking and analysis in testing. Information is collected during testing on defects and issues encountered during the development process.The project team performs root cause analysis on each defect to determine the reason for the defect and why it occurred.The review addresses what stage in the development process the defectoccurred and if something can be done in future projects to correct the problem.This information is collected, stored and reported to the proper stakeholders for correction and resolution.This feedback loop is critical in theALM process to reduce defects and project costs.

Omni Sourcing’sfocuswith our clients is to establish a continuous feedback and improvement loop for the processes of managing the IT organization. The data requirements are defined within IT Governance to provide the governing guidelines establishing measurement and control mechanisms for the business and IT to carry out their roles.We assist our clients in data definition, collection and reporting to provide for process optimization and operations management.